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The founders and partners of MyWay Foundation represent different environments of marketing, advertisement and music sectors. This guarantees professionalism and the highest quality. For each beneficiary we prepare a set of materials necessary to apply for institutions and programmes facilitating musical career.

The Foundation’s charges receive a professional portfolio free of charge:

  • a recording session in a studio and a release of a CD with demo materials,
  • a film with the musician’s profile – produced by a professional movie studio,
  • a website in Polish and English,
  • Curriculum Vitae in Polish and English – co-created with Public Relation specialists,
  • a professional photo session – prepared in cooperation with a make-up artist.

The Foundation’s specialists also conduct individual trainings in the form of:

  • a personal training with a coach – it will include among others: the aspects of a growth of confidence in oneself and one’s abilities, better knowledge about oneself, one’s motivational systems and beliefs, an increase in awareness of one’s influence on a career and better functioning as a musician in current economic conditions,
  • trainings in self-presentation and basic communication with the media – conducted in cooperation with a Public Relations agency,
  • trainings in copyright and finances – presentation of a compendium of knowledge on these issues prepared by the lawyers and finance directors cooperating with us,
  • a training in management of your future website.